studio 12 staging kudos

I love when my clients use Stephanie to help stage their home. Not only does it help make sure they get the most for their listing, it also helps it sell faster than any listing that does not have staging. She is very professional, knowledgeable and a true asset to my clients. I always refer my clients to use Stephanie it helps guarantee a smoother transaction for all involved
Benee Arndt - Realtor at Realty Austin
Thank you for doing such a terrific job! My clients were thrilled with the results and we got an offer in 4 days! Your professionalism and attention to detail definitely was a great help.
Toni Condina - Realtor, Pure Gold Realty
Stephanie has a great eye for staging homes and can help seller’s make tough decisions on what needs to stay and what needs to go. Best of all … she makes my job that much easier!
Brad B. - Realtor
Stephanie is absolutely fantastic. My homes always sell fast & for more money than the competition when she is involved in the process. In addition to helping me get my homes sold fast & for the most money, her interpersonal skills are top notch. She always makes me look good because my clients love her. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a stager.
Cliff L. - Realtor
“Your ideas were wonderful. I wanted to make you proud. It was a lot of work but I have to agree the house looks great. Your husband did a fantastic job on the virtual tour. So thank you! We are truly excited and you had a lot to do with it. Your ideas were on the money. I had never heard of actually staging a house to sell and I think that others may think it doesn’t work, but it does!”
Tammy S.
I wanted to say thank you again for your service in staging our home. We recently relisted our house on the market and were hoping to get a fresh start and some new momentum. We had felt our house was in good shape and clean but after working with you we understand the impact of what you suggested. Living in a home for a while we tend to overlook the obvious and your trained eye pointed out several things we had not considered. I had wondered if changing a few things around would really make a difference but your service and skills made the difference and I think gave us an edge over others houses around us for sale. Thanks again!
Shannon S.
“Thank you so much for all your help. I couldn’t have gotten the house looking this great without your help. I got to see the virtual tour and wow what a difference the staging made! I would definitely recommend staging for anyone who is preparing to sell their house. You made this process much easier for me because I knew what to focus on. Working with you made the process less overwhelming. It was a lot of work but completely worth it! Also, it didn’t end up costing much at all for the staging. Most of the stuff we used were things that we already had in our house. Again, thank you so much for all your help!”
Debbie W.
I was worried that the stager would come in and ask us to spend a lot of money on staging our house. This was not the case with Stephanie. I felt that she really listened to me and got an accurate read on how much I wanted to spend and in which rooms. She gave me great ideas on what I could buy to decorate and where to purchase the items. I was also amazed at all the suggestions she gave me on how to better use the items I had in order to stage our home. Stephanie also has a talent to see how furniture can be moved to better utilize a space. Therefore, she would be great to work with no matter what your staging budget is.
Margie V.
We had been on the market for over 230 days with few showings and no offers. We were frustrated and needed to get help. Stephanie came into our small condo, politely made improvement suggestions, gave us a list of “to-dos” and planned to return after a weekend. We worked fast and got it done. Since our house was certified by Stephanie Parker, we have had three showings and an offer in ONE week! We could not have had a better experience with her company and highly recommend Studio 12 to anyone who is trying to sell their home.”
The Bruner Family